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There are 24 million landlords in the US now, and every day, more people join in. But our founders find there is no such a platform specifically for landlords and tenants. Tenants always take risks to face unfriendly management companies while landlords spend an unreasonable price for renting out their houses. REAP focuses on providing a trustable platform which building a bridge between landlords and tenants since its creation.

We offer one-stop service, tangible assets, and full guarantee payment compared with other real estate investment plans. We believe the best way to gain loyalty is to provide the best experience for our customers.

We treat every property like our own house, and we treat our tenants as our best friends.

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Our Team

About : Team

Financial Analyst

Purui Perry Feng


Will you pay the mortgage by yourself? How it will affect their credit score?

REAP will pay the mortgage and all other relevant fees for you. Your credit score will decrease after the mortgage issued, but it will only last for 100 days. After 100 days, the credit score will go back to the previous level.

Do REAP have shown on your house title?

No, your name will be the only name on the title.

How does REAP make money?

We make money because of the large scale of houses we managed, repair costs, appliances purchase are wholesaler price and we pay contractor salary, not by each job. And since we are a combination of different sections, we save our office rent, management cost.

What are the tax benefits?

We will pay all the property tax for you during the contract. Besides that, the investment opportunity offers significant tax advantages with regard to capital gains.

Can I use my own lender for the mortgage?

Yes, you can contract with the United States bank of your choosing. One thing you need to remember is that we only accept a deal with mortgage rate below 3.75%.

Can your company pay my mortgage company directly to the lender?

Yes. You may choose to let us pay to your bank directly, or you can receive the check monthly and pay by yourself.

Will I receive a yearly return on my investment?

Yes, you will receive a fixed return every year.

Can I sell my property anytime without penalty?

Yes, we offer a penalty-free plan. You simply have to give us the required notice when the property lease is going to end. We do not charge any penalty even if you choose to withdraw earlier. We only charge 10%*(number of years/30) as our management fee.
E.g., say you want to end the contract in year 15, we will charge 5% of the house market price, and you will have 95%. You are free to decide your contract term.

Can I use your company to sell my property?

Yes, we have an experienced, licensed Realtor that can list your property when you are ready to sell it.

Will I have any input into which property I purchase, such as a condo versus a house, number of bedrooms, etc.?

The necessary information we want from you is how much you want to put in your investment property. We will consider your opinion and look for the best option with the largest potential return in the future.

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