A Better Way to Invest in Rental Property


Why We Are Unique

For your convenience, REAP takes care of day-to-day management and troubleshooting of your properties.


Easy start-up for wealth


Year 0: Pay Down Payment from $30,000

Year 0 - N: Receive Fixed Annual Dividend

Year N: Individual Control of Property

N = Contract Term


Year 0: Property Purchase & Renovation

Year 0 - N: Pay Expenses, Mortgage, & Dividend

Year N: Receive N*0.3% of Housing Price

We will choose the one with the highest potential growth in the future, because the more you get, the more we can get as well. We are always on your side.


Scared of the stock market? Diversify your portfolio now

Signing a Contract

Sign the letter of intent

You decide the amount to invest, the acquisitions team selects property that maximizes returns for you.

A business meeting

Close transaction

You check the property, the loan specialist gets the best deal and closes the deal.

Interior Design

Make property rent-ready

Our team inspects and renovates your property diligently to make sure your property earns the highest income.

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Just sit back and receive the money

We take care of everything from here, including mortgage payment, tenant management, maintenance, and all other relevant costs.



Data Points Analyzed, We Found the Cities with the Highest
Resale Potential.



Return over 5 Years.



Is our First Priority; We will never share your Email or Phone number.



Is the Lowest Amount you Pay to Own a Rental Property.



Paid by REAP Monthly.



For All Problems of your Investment Property.


Our goal is to offer financial planning, location selection,

 broker service, mortgage processing, renovation, and management.

Due to our special agreement, we working towards
the same goal as our landlords - asset value appreciation.


Real Estate is a Better Investment

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Home and work-life are unpredictable and hectic, that's why we don't suggest you manage a rental property on your own.

We reinvent a better way to invest.

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Advantages of Real Estate

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For years, real estate values have continually increased, and are not tied to the stock market.



Leverage allows you to purchase a house with a relatively small initial investment.



Unlike other assets, You can get financing for the purchase of real estate. Lenders will loan up to 80% of the price.


Solid asset

Recognized as one of the best assets to own, real estate creates tangible collateral, shows strength on balance sheets.


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